House of Opulence Benefit for Vanna's Quest for Miss Tri-State


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House of Opulence Benefit for Vanna's Quest for Miss Tri-State


This tape contains footage from a benefit show (at Pegasus Lounge in Pittsburgh PA) organized by the House of Opulence to support Vanna D’Opulence, having recently joined the house and run for Miss Tri-State. The tape contains a House of Opulence family history, narrated by Fefe D’Opulence (00:07:30). There is also footage referencing the ongoing documentary relationship between the House of Opulence and Roberta Kenney who had produced the video documentation of the Andy Warhol Museum’s 1995 Miss Fifteen Minutes of Fame Pageant, celebrating the centennial of the Carnegie Museums and the Warhol Museum’s earliest public acknowledgement of Andy Warhol as a gay man. ( The benefit show includes an encore performance of Vanna’s talent number for Miss Tri-state which includes a full size pink Cadillac car built by her lover Paul.

The following performers names are noted in the footage:
Fefe D’Opulence
Patty O’Fernicher
Scarlett D’Opulence
Delisha Sundae D’Opulence
Jezebel D’Opulence
Gigi D’Opulence
Lolita D’Opulence
Vanna D’Opulence
Didi D’Opulence

The following songs are performed:
(If a performers name is unclear from the footage, it has been left blank. If you are able to provide information about performers who have not been listed, please contact the PQHP).

“Supernatural” Madonna, Fefe D’Opulence, 00:00:50
“Medley” from For the Boys the Musical, Dragzilla, Patty, and Adrian, 00:12:23
“Leather” Tori Amos, Gigi D’Opulence, 00:18:40
“Peek a boo” Siouxsie and the Banshees, Lolita D’Opulence, 00:27:30
“Freak Like Me” Adina Howard, Delisha Sundae D’Opulence, 00:32:00
"Carwash" Rose Royce, "Pull Up to the Bumper" Grace Jones, “Pink Cadillac” Natalie Cole & “Freeway of Love” Aretha Franklin, Vanna D’Opulence, 00:37:40
“MacArthur Park” Donna Summer, Fefe D’Opulence, 00:47:14
“Private Dancer” Tina Turner, Jezebel D’Opulence, 00:52:15
“Bad Girls” Donna Summer, Didi D’Opulence, 00:57:30
“Total Eclipse of the Heart (Dance Mix)” Bonnie Tyler, Scarlett D’Opulence, 01:04:40
“Keep it Together” Madonna, The House of D’Opulence, 01:07:00


Dame Fefe Damiana D'Opulence (donor)


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“House of Opulence Benefit for Vanna's Quest for Miss Tri-State,” PQHP Online Archives, accessed December 8, 2023,
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