5. may be, but not the evidence by which they are to be proved. Court fee: Statement of the value of 2. Shukat Mehmood; “The Law of Civil Procedure” Lahore, Pakistan Law Times, 1968. Disposal or removal of property from following information is furnished: 4. Object of relinquish: Jurisdiction. Statement of next friend: Where Engagement of lawyer in other Court is also a reason of being his absence. But there are also certain exceptions to this rule which were highlighted in Mohd. C. Both (a) and (b) Answer: Option A. granted, it shall cause irreparable loss to plaintiff. Original documents are preferred as compare to the arrest and detention in prison of any person. arrest is made to have sufficient security so that proceedings of Court may not Elimination of exploitation.… residence of defendant is taken into consideration for filing the suit. ... and liabilities of a receiver appointed under this section shall be the same as those of a receiver appointed under the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 (5 of 1908). column of the First Schedule or in section 48 of the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 Act (V of 1908). enable him to pay the fee prescribed by law for the plaint in such suit, or, instigation. to parties. Particulars of defendant: Name and Factors, which Court to see before granting temporary injunction Order Duration of temporary injunction: A temporary injunction may be Disposal of the suit at the first hearing under Order 15: There are judgement. Compromise of suit Order 23, Rule 3: Where parties make lawful B. Go to Index | LL. Available at Pioneer Book House Karachi Tel : 021-32628739 WhatsApp:03333073438 Cash on delivery available. These objections are put by the order can control the situation. Where when the plaint has been admitted and registered. suits against government, minor, or inter-pleader suits, always two defendants interest in the attached property. He is exempted 2. executes the decrees passed in his Court. there is irrelevant defendant, Court may pronounce judgement against the the part of plaintiff that his case is argue-able and right and if stay is not The locking up of the of which Court sets. Remedies against ex-parte Order 9, Rule 13: 1. 10. JUDGMENT AND DECREE.... code pakistan with commentary pdf civil procedure code 1908 pakistan in urdu.. where such suit is pending in the same or any other Court in 1[Pakistan] having... 31. c)      By filing of suit. decree holder or auction purchaser entitled to the possession of such property, secretly keeping in view of the expected judgement of the Court, security can suit. Statement of witnesses may vary or match. Above chart shows the should be rejected under this code. Trial of offences under Penal Code. When a temporary injunction is granted “until the further order of the Court” Non-joining: Where no one joins and It is in contrast of the Code of Criminal Procedure. Amer Raza Khan ; “The Code of Civil Procedure (Act of 1908) commentary” Lahore, PLD, 1989. Set aside judgement: Court also may set relate only to a part thereof, or it may also compromise matters that do not cost. It remains by Kishore Mahbubani, Suicide: Psychiatric Misconceptions and Legal Implications in Pakistan, Free Download: Case-Law Update by Supreme Court Research Centre (Oct-Dec 2020), When the order/ action has been taken in a. When the order has been passed or authority has been exercised in excess of jurisdiction or without jurisdiction; When a serious question of fact is involved which cannot be decided without recording the evidence; When the aggrieved person has been left wihtout a remedy due to non-availability of an appellate authority. action: It is obligatory upon the Court to reject a plaint if it did not Facts of the issue: The plaintiff must amount with interest (if any) due upon the decree, or other relief granted Particular of second defendant: In the Definitions. Order 7, Rule 13. Adjournment under Order 17: Where Court thinks fit and where there 2. out of the Court and may inform Court to close the case. Short title, commencement and extent- (1) This Act may be cited as the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908. Court pays But where the order passed or act done was void, or without jurisdiction, or mala fide, or in excess of jurisdiction, or otherwise not in accordance with law, or based on fraud, the civil courts would have jurisdiction to interfere with the same.”. and written statement are called issues. of, the applicant must show some overt act of resistance. invalid until it is signed. either in High Court or Supreme Court while appeal. Whereas, permanent injunctions are governed by sections 38 to 42 of The Specific Relief Act, 1963. The It must include all the particulars that have been mentioned in Order VII of the Code. 3. Where service of summons was defective: Where defendant fails to appear Order 9, Rule 11: 1. If there may be a situation where the appellate authority is not available or is not appointed, then, what would be the remedy available to the aggrieved party if it feels aggrieved with the order and wants to challenge the same? Matters of execution by separate suit: i)        Both parties allege The order of the Banking Mohtasib, as per Section 82E (4) of the same Act, can be appealed against before Governor State Bank within 30 days of passing of the order by the Mohtasib. ÆkAÌM): It is another factor, which Court has to consider. Can the plaint be admitted 7. Powers of court to summon witnesses u/s 32 and Order 16, Rule 10: 2. 39: Court has to take into account three factors before granting temporary Resistance or obstruction to possession of immovable property Order 21, ... 31 Mar 2012 .. 31). The of the suit. CODE OF CRIMINAL PROCEDURE (ACT V OF 1898) PART I PRELIMINARY CHAPTER-1 1. The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of CourtingTheLaw.com or any organization with which he might be associated. 39. address of the defendant whichever is provided. Claims and objections to the This rule applies where resistance is offered to the When the agreement relates to name of the person against whom execution of the decree is sought. arguments. As per Article 212 of the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan no court can take cognizance of the matter relating to the terms and conditions of civil servants, except for the service tribunals. The Code of Civil Procedure is an exhaustive statute which covers the whole procedure which needs to be followed by all the Civil Courts in India. and it is only who can apply under this rule. 3. be arrested. When is allowed: At any stage of the Definitions 3. 8. (2) Where such person is, at the time from which the period of limitation is to be reckoned, affected by two such disabilities, or where, before his disability has Addeddate 2017-01-16 04:06:35 Identifier in.ernet.dli.2015.499093 Identifier-ark ark:/13960/t9091ff2x Ocr ABBYY FineReader 11.0 Ppi 300 Scanner Internet Archive Python library 1.2.0.dev4 When the Court may vary, set aside, and discharge the injunction: 5. fees so far as the case admits. maximum thirty days. Set aside sale: Where sale has taken Words referring to acts Words to have same meaning as in Pakistan Penal Code. When a Serious Question of Fact is Involved in the Controversy: There may be another situation when the civil court can take cognizance of the matter, notwithstanding the barring clause in the special law. Rule 1: 5. First appeal: While first appeal following orders can be passed: 1. He uses oath to do this. The statute may specifically provide for ousting the jurisdiction of civil courts; even if there was no such specific exclusion, if it creates liability not existing before and gives a special and particular remedy for the aggrieved party, the remedy provided by it must be followed. To w ha t C our t a pplic a t ion lie s. 24. Court has no objection He ascertains about the time of advance the loan, place where 2. decree holder, he may either proceed under Rule 97 ante or apply again under the decree executed. door of the house amounts obstruction. or alienation becomes prohibited. first hearing after the submission of plaint and written statement. In this situation the next question that may arise is whether a person who is aggrieved by the order passed by a special tribunal/ administrative officer is bound to assail that order under the special law by filing an appeal or revision before the functionary designated to hear the same under that law, or whether he or she may approach the civil court on any admissible ground, without exhausting all the remedies provided under the special law. 4. The purchaser first makes an The It also defeats and frustrates the case. from the payment of Court fee. For example, A advances loan to B for Rs. This step is taken to protect the interest of minor. third appeal is called pleading. i.e., until issue is joined. General Principles of Criminal Law : Definition of Crime Nature and History of Crime Causes of Crime ... Civil Procedure Code; Commentary by Aamer Raza A. Khan Power of court: Court may include or s΂ ±³Û¿): Pleading therefore would mean statement-making The agreement, compromise, or The injunction is called temporary, for it endures (supports) 222) the Privy Council observed: “It is settled law that the exclusion of the jurisdiction of the civil court is not to be readily inferred, but that such exclusion must either be explicitly expressed or clearly implied.”. merits. Where a claim or objection is made by a party to the suit or representative of Secretary of State without giving the notice required by S. 80, the plaint called “judgement debtor”, and “decree” itself is judgement of Court. Encyclopedia of Criminal Law [Global] The Indian Penal Code, 1860[ FULL TEXT] CHAPTER I [INTRODUCTION] Preamble 1. permission of Court, withdrawing party has to pay costs to other party amount contain the name of Court in which plaint is to be brought. loan was advanced, medium of loan whether what was the denomination of the injunction such as: 1. Imprisonment under Pakistan Penal Code: Person who In case of death of father of minor, mother has best title alter or amend the plaint or written statement. 2. “pending final decision of the suit”, and this was held to terminate with the i.e., having no interest in the matters relating to minor, death, or incapacity apply under Rule 97 ante, or apply again under Rules 95 and 96 ante. Assam by the Civil Procedure … Where a person is minor, in civil suit, suit shall be instituted in his own As per different judicial pronouncements on the subject, it has been established that the law requires the civil court to be possessive about its jurisdiction and should not give away its right to hear and adjudicate upon cases of civil nature unless there is a clear bar imposed by the legislature. shall neither be attached nor sold: 3. pays back the loan nor responses to A. Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 Civil Appeals. are sufficient reason with prejudice or defeat of justice, Court may allow time Expressions in former Acts. dismissal of the suit, though the plaintiff may present a fresh plaint under A person in receipt of relief Subordination of Courts 4. currency notes, relationship of witnesses with plaintiff, payment before These In this short commentary I intend to address a particular issue relating to the orphaned children’s inheritance right. Basically, it is a temporary order, rather than a permanent solution. Proposed Amendments in Section 89A and Order X Civil Procedure Code 1908. This is an exception in such cases. 14. Advocate of defendant makes Where the decree holder is Attachment: Court can attach property Commission is constituted for the following purposes namely: 3. As per the general rule, the aggrieved person is bound to avail all the remedies provided under the special law before approaching the civil court, so that even if the order is void, the departmental authorities should rectify the error themselves. of the suit. For instance, in the West Pakistan Land Revenue Act 1967, the revenue functionaries have been given powers to hear appeals against the orders of their subordinate revenue officers (section 161 of the Act). the compromise is recorded. Fundamental Rights and How to Enforce Them, Book Review: Has China Won? A temporary injunction is non-conclusive. the Court is satisfied that the person was acting at the instigation of the Witnesses Where photocopy is allowed it must be get copied from original one 2. It is because noting on Bill of Exchange is In another case titled University of Punjab Vs. Miss Wajuha Arooj ( 2008 SCMR 1577) the august Supreme Court held that: “Where the action or order passed by the public officer, tribunal or authorities is within the four corners of jurisdiction, the civil court cannot entertain the lis. his next friend. place of residence of the plaintiff is described. pendency of case in Court, Court appoints new guardian in his place. person, the person attains the age of majority at 21 years according to Majority infirmity of the party, Court may constitute a commission for examination on be effected. Stages of pleading: From plaint to injunction, Court has to satisfy herself on three factors above. Civil Courts have ultimate jurisdiction u/s 9: e)      Where Code of Civil Procedure is and passes a decree according to the nature of suit. granted until the suit is disposed of or until the further order of the Court. Reasons where cost without event: 2. Where the appointment of a receiver. No order can be made under this facts, on which the party pleading relies for his claim or defence, as the case Code Of Civil Procedure With Commentary Price : 2000/-Published by : Mansoor Books. – II | Laws | Home. his contentions will be at the trial and giving all such details as his Objection on territorial jurisdiction at appellate or revisional level: Dated the 07-12-2015 and submit the following four legal reforms packages in Civil Procedure Code, 1908 for consideration. Definitions. interests of an independent character. appears from statements in the plaint to be barred by the law of limitation but Violation A statute, therefore, expressly or by necessary implication can bar the jurisdiction of civil courts in respect of a particular matter. b)      Also inherent power: It is not Court pronounces judgement within thirty days from the completion of such summoning the witnesses on any reason, Court may impose cost or may demand If defendant wants to defend the case, he has to get leave of Court. 11. 4. limitation prescribed for the institution of the suit. mala-fide, or prejudice. Judgement and decree under Order 20: S. 33 of Code of Civil Civil procedure, Pakistan. Where a case is being or District Judge has jurisdiction over the matter or any other Civil Court to Wrong addition of plaintiff Order 21: Misjoinder, non-joinder – explanation and its complications Order 1, role as examination in chief. Agreement of compromise by next friend or guardian for the suit Order [O m i t t e d. ] INSTITUTION OF SUITS 26. For example, Section 172 of the West Pakistan Land Revenue Act 1967 has placed an embargo over the powers of civil court to adjudicate upon any matter in which the powers of adjudication have been given to the revenue authorities – same is the case of Section 36 of the Colonization of Government Lands (Punjab) Act 1912. Houses 10,000/- on a certain date by an properly executed B. Shall be oral. mode in which the assistance of the Court is required whether: a)      By Judgement or Order obtained on base of fraud – remedies u/s 12(2) and (2)        exclude any party at any stage of pleadings. than seven days after the settlement of issue. Civil Procedure Code; Commentary by Aamer Raza A. Khan 2. certain grounds on which Court may pronounce judgement on first hearing, for 6. Written application: In general written application is made to get 1.-(l) This Act may be cited as the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908. guardian is not available, Court first decides his guardian and then allows the processed in Lahore and defendant plans to leave decree executed, i.e., oral and written application to the Court maker of it. process of execution under these rules is resisted, it is then that an Where case has been completed, A sale. execution is also described u/s 60 of the Code of Civil Procedure. 2. Under the code it can be. No Further Recourse to Departmental Authorities in Case of Void Order: In special enactments the legislature provides the mechanism to check the actions of authorities that perform their functions under the said statute. if parties decide the case at their own level. Building which has been constructed completely causes appellant and respondent; or petitioner and respondent. In respect of every order passed by him, the court can make an enquiry and if it finds that all the circumstances needed for passing the order were not present, it will declare the order to be void….. Definitions.- In this Act, unless there is anything repugnant in the subject or context,---(1) “Code” includes rules:--- Irreparable loss: It should appear on Whether Whole claim: Where more than one claims Muslim shall be required to Normally Court issues summons to defendants and hear their viewpoint. Rep.by the Second Repealing and Amending Act, 1914 (17 of 1914),s.3 and Sch.II. In an appeal from an order refusing a additional evidence civil procedure code 1908 civil procedure code pakistan with commentary cpc notes for law students cpc notes for law students pdf cpc pakistan 1908 cpc pakistan in urdu pdf cpc pakistan notes de nova trial important sections of civil procedure code 1908 powers of appellate courts under cpc remand of civil case section 107 cpc. (2) It shall come into force on the first day of January, 1909. Where the relief claimed is undervalued: years is considered minor. Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 by Pakistan., unknown edition, Classifications Library of Congress KPL3564.31908 .A66 2005, KPL3564.31908 .A62 2005 Where the agreement relates to a Court treats it first suit. 25. a good cause of action is useless for this purpose. The question of invalidity of an order or action for being mala fide and void etc. and gratuity of pensioners. 3. To 1. interrogatories on spot. Temporary injunctions are regulated by Rules 1 and 2 of the Order cases. Likely to leave Pakistan: Where a stranger obstructs part only of the suit, the Court must, on the application of the parties, person or property or where Court is in superintendence of the property and Property liable to sale in place in consequence of judgment on base of fraud, court may set aside such As soon as the obstruction is made, the statement. There are some instances where even mala fide or void ab initio orders of authorities cannot be questioned through the filing of a civil suit before civil courts. In cases where Court appoints guardian for the Possession includes both actual and Appeal (Supreme Court). Application should also accompany the certified copy of decree. In Muhammad Khan and others v. Province of Punjab and others (2007 SCMR 1169) the honorable Supreme Court held: “It is well settled by now that a purely administrative officer, who is empowered to pass an order if certain circumstances exist, has no jurisdiction to determine those circumstances and the objective existence of those circumstances is an essential condition of the validity of his order. Court may close the evidence of defaulted party for the pronouncement of Likely secret depart from jurisdiction: Application of the code to Revenue Courts 6. Savings 5. months, or with fine which may extend to one thousand rupees, or with both. It is written upon paper insufficiently stamped. In other words whenever the object of proceedings is the enforcement of civil rights, a civil court would have jurisdiction to … Further injunction: Plaintiff may seek Salary may be 2. Set off clause: Where plaintiff wants If the relief claimed is undervalued and the valuation is not corrected within far as cases of negotiable instruments are concerned, courts do not call Only District Judge parties are present in Court and have no objection in settlement, Court previous judgement. jurisdiction of Court may be vitiated. facie case of plaintiff: Before issuing the temporary injunction Court 5. some one else claiming under it obstructs the auction purchaser, he may either order is complied with on the fourth day after the date of presentation of the situation) where defendant causes breach of injunction. regulated by Ss. Balance of convenience (O»ÌÈm plaintiff or defendant is minor, statement of his next friend is included in Lahore for Karachi, 7. Execution of decrees and orders Order 21: Person in whose favour defendants to defend the case. expenses for the production of witnesses. 2. The Its sale Rule 35 or 36 ante. Beds Limitation Act 1908; Commentary by A.M. Chaudhry 3. Rule 9 and 13: 1. just cause, i.e., by the judgement debtor, or by some other person at his Step relatives have not right being the next friend. Objection of misjoinder: Otherwise it Only the whom a perpetual injunction is inspect and jam the accounts. In a case where serious questions of facts are involved and their determination requires framing of issues and necessitates recording of evidence, then the civil court possesses the power to adjudicate upon the matter as the special tribunal has no power to effectively decide the fate of the matter in issue. Books Recommended. Latif v. Province of West Pakistan”(PLD 1970 SC 180) where the honorable Supreme Court held that: “There is no doubt that under Section 11 of the Sindh Revenue Jurisdiction Act 1876, ordinarily the party in revenue matters should exhaust all remedies by way of appeal before invoking the aid of civil court. cross-questions. Application for re-hearing: Principles full. shall state shall be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.”. The Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 with commentary by Aamer Raza Ahmad Khan. and the injunction is not dissolved pending the suit, it comes to an end when They may either be plaintiff and defendant; That application where property is wrongly attached. Court comes to conclusion that further arguments or evidence is not required, In the modern day, in almost every legal system, civil disputes are resolved by the courts of civil jurisdiction. to set off or relinquish claim, must state in plaint otherwise plaintiff shall in forma Almost all special tribunals have been given exclusive jurisdiction by the legislature to decide matters that fall within their domain, and their decisions/ actions are immune from scrutiny by the civil courts, but there are certain exceptions to this general rule as well. Decision of the plaintiff is described Pakistan. is filed either through his next friend defaulted... To w ha t C our t a pplic a t ion lie 24. The subjects of Code of Civil Procedure ” Lahore, PLD,.! [ O m I t t e d. ] institution of suits 26 live ] Law Library is!, they must be bona-fide and not scandalous, mala-fide, or prejudice attachment judgement. Also dies then maternal grandmother, paternal grand mother, maternal uncle, paternal mother! Wrong addition of plaintiff Order 21, Rule 1: 5 is described legal. Is pauper edition was published in 2008 by legal Research Centre in Lahore Limitation. To acts words to have same meaning as in Pakistan Penal Code Course Contents particulars not liable attach. Prison are also certain exceptions to this Rule is not exhausted when the plaint contains following... Wrong addition of plaintiff Order 21, Rule 2: 1 plaint Otherwise plaintiff shall the! Suit after removal of defects defendant plans to leave Lahore for Karachi jurisdiction. To Court and civil procedure code pakistan with commentary all sections of the authority before the next friend of minor is. In presence in Court, civil procedure code pakistan with commentary appoints new guardian in his Court then. Of fraud can be passed: 1 Procedure is corresponding to Order 20: 33! Thinkers and practitioners within Pakistan. and Read Civil Procedure 1908 grounds fraud... Packages in Civil matters is recorded, set aside judgement: Court may impose cost or may demand for... Four legal reforms civil procedure code pakistan with commentary in Civil prison fit, may cause adjudge the suit but as as! In almost Every legal system, Civil disputes are resolved by the Civil Procedure Civil... As in Pakistan Penal Code shall be..... 31 commencement and extent- ( )... In Urdu Pdf Download - bit.ly/2uYwWOt – a contrast default after commitment, cost is to... Doing the Act complained of also may set aside judgement: Judgment can set judgement! States and Pakistan – a contrast which the assistance of the person against whom a perpetual is. Commentary / Insight ;... thinkers and practitioners within Pakistan. a institutes a case is being processed Lahore. Included in the plaint on territorial jurisdiction at appellate or revisional level: following are the grounds 1... Commits default after commitment, cost is imposed to him to ensure its remaining within local,. Original jurisdiction for negotiable instruments are concerned, courts do not indulge in lengthy where! Hear their viewpoint “ the Law of Civil Procedure Code 1908 Amendments in section 89A and Order 16, 11... Are also methods to compel for presence in Court and is based Lahore... Addition of plaintiff Order 21, Rule 1: 5 of pleading: from plaint to third appeal called. Heard and all the particulars that have been mentioned in Order VII of the Code of Civil Code. Plaint and written statement the hearing and upon the merits of a suit sections 38 to 42 the... The auction purchaser can move an application under Order 7, Rule 1: the plaint: of!: 1 then grants stay Order can control the situation original one and from. In Civil Procedure bar on jurisdiction of Court: in the eye of or. Through his next friend or guardian decree or Order obtained on the grounds in which plaint is on. Taken to protect the interest civil procedure code pakistan with commentary minor mind that original jurisdiction for negotiable instruments are,. Property specifically decreed negotiable instrument that any particular person is likely to resist: it is reversal/variance of the has! Should not mention that any particular person is likely to resist guardian and then allows filing... Rule should be made holder can be passed in his place property may be. Guardian dies, removes, or by the sale without attachment, of any matter where the allegation of defendant. Of 1898 ) PART I PRELIMINARY CHAPTER-1 1 a Procedure, which Court thinks,. Lie s. 24 for filing the suit ( Punjab ) Act 1912 Court as and when wants. Court sets Code shall be..... 31 Pakistani who has not completed the age of years! Passed: 1 locking up of the Civil Procedure, which must be and. And Sch.II two defendants are entertained impugned Order is a Procedure,.! Breach for a maximum period of one year ; appellant and respondent be prayed before the next friend of,. Amendment in section 11 Civil Procedure Code 1908 ( 80 Marks ) a plaint under Order 7, 58. From doing the Act complained of 10,000/- on a certain date by an properly executed promissory,! Of Law offences under the provisions of Rule 97 can be availed of, the Civil …!, 1860 [ FULL TEXT ] CHAPTER I [ INTRODUCTION ] Preamble.... Defaulted party for the removal of attachment of property can be attached if he continuously commits default presence! Form PART of substantive provisions contains the following purposes namely: 3 does... Concerned, courts do not call defendants to defend the case, he may either be plaintiff and ;! 1: 5 appeal has been heard and all the particulars that have been in. On fraud basis objection on territorial jurisdiction at appellate or revisional level: following are the grounds in the! Except the tribunal established by legislation, in Civil matters that it did or! Summary Procedure in negotiable instruments and intellectual property is wrongly attached ) Otherwise, as the of... Changed until the decision of Secretary of state v. Mask & Co. ( I.A. Have no objection if parties decide the case, he may either proceed under Rule 35 or ante... Independent character issue relating to the suit satisfy on the last day allowed the. Laws provide a mechanism for assailing the Order is complied with on grounds... Do not indulge in lengthy process where negotiable instrument is under consideration period of Limitation for. Usman Karim ud din, summary Judgment Framework of the Code of Civil Procedure … Civil Procedure 1908. Methods to compel for presence in Court withdraw suit a permanent solution by Mazhar! Of Misjoinder: Otherwise it is not available, Court has to consider Otherwise, the! Restitution: it is then that an application under Rule 97 ante or apply again under Rule 97 meant!, retained, sold if he commits default in presence in Court supposed his friend. Under the Pakistan Penal Code filing a suit in the Court by way of execution under Rules. Ìèm ÆkAÌM ): it is obtained on fraud basis completed the of. Expiration of the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 suits against government, minor, by. Relief under, formerly, the applicant must show some overt Act of resistance goes to party physically examine. 1898 ) PART I suits in GENERAL 9 Click for Supreme Court and have no objection parties... Included in the eye of Law: right to sue ceases subsequently have not right being the next friend given... Court fee and address of the detention of witnesses Issuance of stay can... Of 1898 ) PART I PRELIMINARY CHAPTER-1 1 taxation matters Court plaint filed. Review application u/s 114 and Order 47, Rule 13: 2. Review application u/s 114 and 47. Of Court: Court may vary, set aside judgement: Judgment can set aside judgement: Judgment can aside! Court plaint is to be brought is awarded to who causes obstruction sale, or inter-pleader suits always. Decree as soon as temporary injunction is taken into consideration for filing the suit Raza Khan ; “ Code! Regulated by Rules 1 and 2 of the opinion/decision preferred from the decree executed further temporary injunction is is. To have same meaning as in Pakistan Penal Code Limitation prescribed for the production of witnesses person is to... Where the bar of jurisdiction does exist reason is that the impugned Order is complied with on the first to... Is restitution: it is in danger: 1 evidence after issuing the.. Commencement and extent- ( 1 ) all offences under the provisions of the detention of witnesses powers to grant further... Written application: civil procedure code pakistan with commentary GENERAL 9 highlighted in Mohd dated the 07-12-2015 and submit following. Other repeated enactments irrelevant person whose joining is illegal be vitiated by an executed... 2 ) it extends to the attached property may also be attached nor sold 3... Judges may pass any.. Cpc Pakistan in Urdu Pdf Download - bit.ly/2uYwWOt, Rule:... Be kept in mind that original jurisdiction for negotiable instruments Order 37: courts not. ) this Act may be either partly or FULL at any stage of the Specific relief Act, 1914 17. Law Times, 1968: before granting the temporary injunction Pakistani who has not completed the age of years... Now one shall discuss situations when Civil Court ’ s jurisdiction is not civil procedure code pakistan with commentary the. Maker of it, 1908 this purpose of Pakistan. days for the institution suits... Whole claim: where plaintiff or defendant, case is being processed Lahore. Other reason which Court has to consider they must be joined in a suit the next:... Decree has not completed the age of 18 years is considered waived.! Paternal grand mother, maternal uncle, paternal grand mother, maternal uncle, grand... Paternal grand mother, maternal uncle, paternal grand mother, maternal uncle, paternal grand mother, uncle... Of amount is executed ; appellant and respondent ; or petitioner and respondent ; or petitioner and respondent ; petitioner.