10 w/3.7cm PaK Azur 1/72 Nieuport-Delage NiD 52 Aoshima 1/700 The APCR rounds had a higher penetration capacity, but were less lethal than the APCBC after penetration, and also had a shorter effective range. The Tiger II (P) remains one of the more potent foes a … CyberHobby 1/35 Amodel 1/72 DH-104 Dove Both and Max Crew %: 4.35 s. Standard Gun Airfix 1/48 Blue Max 1/48 LFG Roland D.VIa, Brengun Carter & Aoshima 'Akatsuki' Airfix 1/72 Harrier GR.5 40/43M Zrinyi II Globemaster II Rammer: 3.46 s Both and BiA: 3353 Skytrain (2014 tooling) Hobbies 1/72 Breguet Br.693A.2 Hawker Hector AMT 1/48 Stinson Reliant, AMT 1/32 1965 Ford Mustang 2+2 With 100% Crew: 380 m (2014 Tooling) Airfix Shaun the Azur 1/72 Dassault MD. Cyber-Hobby 1/35 Panther This lack of an exact definition of the role of each tank-type was a result of the inherent qualities of the tank as a weapons system operating in a combined arms force, and as such, its potential were not fully understood at the time. set This measurement was done from the rear face of the breech to the end of the muzzle, not counting the muzzle brake. Anigrand Craftworks Black Hawk Both and Max Crew %: 3491.25. 高校17期卒業記念 / 2000年設置 / 2000年制作 / H200×W100×D125cm / ブロンズ 新美南吉の「ごん狐」の物語は、私が心を打たれた話である。 平易で明快、その結果は悲しいが心あたたまるもので、その舞台を入間川のほとりに移してみたかった。 Bronco 1/35 Pz.Sfl.IVc with 8.8cm Flak 37 Tiger Ausf. Airfix 1/72 Whitley V The penetration ranges in the tables were determined for conditions in which the tanks stood at a side angle of 30 degrees of the incoming round. Azur/Frrom 1/72 PZL P.11f  'In Rumania' Airfix 1/72 4-5 6-7 8-9 10-25 26-41 42-43 44-75. Academy 1/48 F-4D Phantom II BanDai 1/72 Tie Striker Cyber-Hobby 1/35 From January 1944 on, the Nahverteidigungswaffe (close defense weapon) was mounted on the turret roof. For flight performance effects and to aid the shot from shattering against armor plating, the APCR round was surrounded by a ballistic cap. Aconcagua 1/48 EMB Tucano, Admiral Model Anigrand Craftworks 1/72 D.558-I Skystreak The Allies exploited this fact during the numerous and frequent operational and strategic withdrawals of the Tiger battalions.  Azur 1/48 Potex 630 【本店】秋田県北秋田市米内沢字倉ノ沢出口5-1/tel0186-72-3001 【秋田支店】秋田県秋田市山王五丁目6-20/tel018-823-2579 Beyond the great additional effort by the crewmen that was required, such a complicated transport process took even more time from the Tiger's combat availability. 'Rainbow' Airfix 1/72 Britten-Norman 1/72 A-40 TK 'Flying Tank' The American Pershing tank was built at a rate of 1,350 tanks over a six month period. Cyber-hobby 1/72 DH.112 Venom NF.3, Cyber-hobby 1/48 This model was known as the 17/25-pdr gun. This was to be the famous gun that would be mounted on the PzKpfw. CyberHobby 1/35 Marder Blap Models 1/72 Silver Dart By the end of the war, on 5 May 1945, the British 21st Army Group possessed 1,235 Sherman tanks with 17-pdrs., while the remaining 1,915 Sherman tanks were all equipped with the 75 mm M3 gun". The medium tank was to be used in exploitation or pursuit missions, requiring a different mix of mobility, armor protection, and firepower. Cyber Hobby 1/35 PzKpfw The length of the shell from where the breech sat in the turret the shell was longer than the entry of the breech to the turret aft. Airfix Sturmhaubitze 42 Ausf G with zimmerit Classic Airframes 1/48 A5M4 'Claude' CMR's 1/72 Hughes H-1B The rolled homogeneous nickel-steel plate and electro-welded interlocking-plate construction armor had a Brinell hardness index of around 255-280 (the best homogeneous-armor hardness level for the corresponding thickness level of the Tiger's armor, by WW II standards), and rigorous quality control procedures ensured that it stayed that way. With wholly penetrating hits Torpedo Academy 1/48 Bronco 1/35 Panzer II Bridgelayer As a result of the strong armor, it is possible to close to short range with the enemy tanks without being seriously damaged by the hits. (2015 tooling) Both and BiA: 2908.4 Bronco, 1/35 M1114 Anigrand 1/144 Martin XB-33A Super Marauder Many more reports like this one attest to the precedent arguments on the superior performance of the 88 mm KwK 36 L/56 gun. Bandai 1/12 R2-D2 & R5-D4 Astromech Droids, Battle Axe The mission of the first wave is to penetrate into the enemy lines as deeply as possible while the second wave enlarges the penetration, never losing sight of the first wave in order to provide fire protection to that wave" (Source: WILBECK, Christopher W., Sledgehammers: Strengths and Flaws of Tiger Heavy Tank Battalions in World War II). Anigrand Craftworks 1/72 C-5A/B Galaxy Amodel 1/72 Bf-109v31 Anigrand 1/144 XF-12 Azur/Frrom 1/72 Delta 'Civilian Version' Azur's 1/72 V.156F Vindicator SOC-3 Seamew Two firms submitted prototypes, using some of the developments from the 1937 ideas. The reports from these tests stated that the resistance of the Tiger's armor was "considerably higher than that of the British machineable quality armor. Azur/Frrom 1/72 Renard R-31 Cyber-Hobby 1/35 Rockwell XFV-12A Cyber-hobby 1/72 Vampire FB.5 Mig-21 MF Czech Model 50% Crew: 2648.7 Both and BiA: 2586.6 Bronco 1/35 WWII US Truck Crew Set Academy 1/35 Azur FRROM 1/72 Super Mystere B.2 'Early' Azur's 1/72 IMAM Ro.37 bis   39 APCBC ammunition) absolutely penetrated through the frontal armor, and usually still destroyed the engine at the rear of the T-34 tank. So effective was it that the Allies had to develop special tactics to deal with it. 1/600 HMS Ajax Spitfire XIV The figures in the second column include the variation expected during practice firing due to differences between guns, ammunition, and gunners. With BiA and Vents: 0.321 m Aoshima Thunderbirds Mini TB-4 A-model 1/72 Tu-128M 'Fiddler' missile set Anigrand 1/72 D.558-3 (AS 413) Amodel 1/72 Yak-18 Short SA.4 Sperrin The APCBC round has two caps covering the main body of the round. 54mm Achilles Titanic MCP and LED edition, Academy 1/72 A-10 Warthog Airfix 1/72 C-47 A.A. Armored Car, Bronco 1/35 WWII Hobbies 1/72 Tatra T-97, Attack 当サイト「ドッグフードの神様」では、人気のドッグフード158商品の成分を徹底的に分析し、主に安全性という観点から比較しています。それを踏まえて、価格や栄養素などの基準を設け、全てのドックフードをsランクからfランクまで評価しランキングにしました。 PT-132, Aoshima 1/350 H-IIB Launch Vehicle In 80 percent of the cases, shots from the same range hitting the side of the hull toward the rear of the tank resulted in the fuel tanks exploding. Soviet Navy submarine S-51 (S-1,S-13), AMP 1/72 Canberra T.11/Tp.52 To log in, select the region where your account is registered, Or use Microsoft Login to enter WoT XBOX ecosystem. As it was, the Tiger could choose its targets at will, and destroy them at ranges they either couldn't hit, or if they could hit, couldn't defeat the Tiger's thick armor. An-8 'Camp' Amodel Anigrand Airfield Control Tower The Tiger was prone to certain types of track failures and immobilizations, and limited in range by its high fuel consumption. Even at ranges of 1,500 meters and longer, during favorable weather, it is possible to succeed in penetrating the T-34 with minimal expenditure of ammunition" (JENTZ, Thomas L.; Germany's TIGER Tanks - Tiger I and II: Combat Tactics; op. 505. Anigrand 1/72 Ryan XV-5 Amodel 1/72 Blue 1/72 Lunar Module Airfix 1/72 Spitfire Battle Axe 1/32 Fokker D.VIII, Beechnut Aoshima 1/24 Lamborghini Aventador LP-700-4 Despite the decision to mass produce the Pz.Kpfw.III and IV, and the far certainty (at the time) that these two models would be adequate for the expected battles of the future, the German general staff also called for an even heavier tank in 1937. Aoshima 1/72 50% Crew: 2294.25 Model 1/32 T-33A Shooting Star, Academy 1/72 KF-16C Falcon "ROK Air Force", Academy 1/72 F-18A+ 'VMFA-232 Red Devils', Academy auf Sd.Kfz 10 In real World War Two tank combat, however, other important variables intervened, such as the thickness to diameter (T/d) coefficient, which means that the bigger the diameter of any given round relative to the thickness of the armor it is going to strike, the better the probability of achieving a penetration. Anigrand 1/72 North American The Tiger I was phased out in 1944. (2015 tooling) Azur/Frrom 1/32 IAR-80A Cyber-hobby 1/72 SB2C-4 Amodel 1/32 Nieuport 16c, AMP Rail movement of Tigers, however, involved more complications, because special cars were required to transport Tigers, and the tracks were too wide for rail transport: narrower ones were fitted for normal road and railway transport, where the outer set of road wheels was also removed. Azur/FRROM 1/72 Stampe S.V.4C (France) 1/100 scale “Minikit” Bf109F (Hans Philp markings), Airfix 1:76 Panzer IV Tank Bronco 1/35 15cm Panzerwerfer 42 ausf sWS This was an indigestable proposition for Krupp, which designed and built the Tiger I turret, to have to mount, in their turret, a gun developed by their arch-rival. Bronco 1/35 SWS 60cm Infrared Searchlight Carrier "Uhu" Black Label 1/35 Conqueror 2 Heavy Tank, BLAP Models Academy 1/48 F-4D Phantom The new engine, also a V-12 water-cooled gasoline engine with a capacity of 23.88 liters, had a power output of 700 bhp at 3,000 rpm. XVI 1/72 Loire 46 1/72 "Desert Fox's" Kfz.21 w figure Azur 1/32 Dewoitine D.520 Aoshima 1/12 V-Twin Custom Springer Airfix 1/72 BAe V Panther. Vents: 2560.8 Aerotech 1/72 Ta-183 However, a little further, when addressing directly the issue of the Tiger's armor quality, the report states that "The armor plates (with exception of the hull roof plates) did not show any marked tendency to brittleness, and their behavior generally was not unlike British mechineable plates. Airfix 1/72 HS 125 Dominie MiG-17 PF AMG Anigrand Craftworks 1/72 Bronco 1/35 Humber Armored Car Mk IV (Clear Body) 3. Airfix 1/72 Henschel Hs-126 AMT 1/48 P-40F Warhawk Cyber-Hobby 1/35 PanzerJäger IB mit 7.5cm StuK 40 Cyber-hobby 1/72 F6F-3 Hellcat w/Carrier Deck Anigrand 1/144 Tu-22K 'Blinder B' Academy 1/35 M3A1 Stuart As the war went on, the German rail net was progressively more and more disrupted by Allied strategic and tactical air attack. Aoshima 1/24 Honda Azur/Frrom 1/72 Casa Type 245 'Spanish Vildebeest' IK-2 "VVKJ" Bronco 1/72 EA-18G Growler 'VAQ-141 Shadowhawks', Academy Modules / Available Equipment and Consumables, The Panzerkampfwagen Tiger Ausf.E (Tiger I), Conclusion: The Successes and Failures of the Panzerkampfwagen Tiger Ausf.E, http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/index.php?title=Tank:G04_PzVI_Tiger_I&oldid=298145, Tank articles using images from shared media repository, Top 88mm gun is excellent, with good DPM, accuracy and penetration, Above-average frontal turret armour. Bronco 1/35 YW-701A AFV Command and Control Vehicle Henschel also had a fine engineering staff, and a complete vehicle test facility. Starlilfter Classic Airframes 1/48 TA-4J Skyhawk Majesty C Cyber-hobby 1/35 Ki-100-II Airfix 1/72 FW-190F-8/A-8 Rammer: 3216.5 It is obvious that the 17-pdr., firing normal APCBC rounds, could defeat the frontal armor of the Tiger I at most combat ranges in tank vs. tank actions in Europe. 1/32 1971 Nissan Skyline KPGC10 (GT-R), MicroAce/Arii 1/32 1962 Mazda Carol Patrol Car, Azur/FRROM 1/72 1/32 Moraine-Saulnier MS.406C Ace 1/72 Artillery Observation Vehicle PzBeoWg II Bronco It was found experimentally that the regions in the center of the plate produced the bulk of the resistance to penetration, while the outer regions, near front and rear surfaces, presented minimal resistance because they are unsupported. Frequent transmission/engine and ammo rack damage. Airfix 1/72 Wellington IA/C Airfix Bronco 1/35 WWII US Light Weapons & Equipment ragwing (early) 2014 tooling The range scale was graduated at 100 meter intervals out to a range of 3,000 meters for the APCR rounds, 4,000 meters for the APCBC rounds, and up to 6,000 meters for the HE rounds. CyberHobby 1/35 166 Brummbär (late production) Both and BiA: 3128.4 Convair XB-46 As a general rule, BHN (Brinell Hardness Index) effects shot shatter, and obliquity effects are related to the ratio between shot diameter and plate thickness. USS Yorktown and Russian Alfa, CyberHobby This weapon could fire smoke cartridges, signal cartridges, and grenades, but due to shortages, was not mounted on the Tiger I until March 1944. Cyber-hobby 1/35 The length of the shell from where the breech sat in the turret was longer than the entry of the breech to the turret aft. And more: "Armor obliquity-effects decrease as the shot diameter overmatches plate thickness, in part because there is a smaller cylindrical surface area of the displaced slug of armor which can cling to the surrounding plate. Ace 1/72 3.7cm Pak 35/36 With both and GLD: 1.918 s Thomas L. Jentz, in "Germany's Tiger Tanks: Vol.1 - D.W. to Tiger I" (Schiffer, 2000), presents a list of official names given to the Tiger I, ordered by date, from 1941 to 1944: The last denomination is the one that is the official name for the Tiger I. Aoshima 1/24 London Black Cab Academy's 1/48 Bf-109G-6 Christopher W. Wilbeck, in "Sledgehammers: Strengths and Flaws of Tiger Heavy Tank Battalions in World War II", citing the Tigerfibel (the Tiger's manual), states that the final cost of the Tiger's production was much higher - 800,000 Reichsmarks, and 300,000 man-hours were required to produce one single Tiger. Anigrand 1/144 X-Planes VTOL CMR 1/144 JRM-3 'Hawaii Mars', CMR 1/72 AGO C.IV P.111/111a Airfix 1/72 B5N2 'Kate' Airfix 1/72 Folland Gnat T.1 Henschel und Sohn, of Kassel, Germany, was a well-known manufacturer of heavy industrial and railroad equipment, especially railroad locomotives and large dock cranes. CyberHobby 1/35 J-20 Works 1/72 Sud-Est SE.5000 Baroudeur, Aki Models G RM 115,962, and a PzKpfw V Panther RM 117,100: all these figures are exclusive of weapons and radios. Atlantis Models; Earth vs the Flying Saucers, Atlantis 1/72 Hughes AirWest DC-9 Both and Max Crew %: 3993.3, With 50% Crew: 0.434 m The Panzer IVs road speed was 40 km/h and cross-country speed was 20 km/h. But there were still other complications. Airfix 1/48 Hawker Hunter F.6 With Coated Optics: 407 m CMR 1/72 P-51H Mustang Curtiss-Wright X-19 AMT 1/25 1957 Ford Fairlane Much have been said about the Tiger's maneuverability, that the Tiger was a "lumbering monster", or that "it could barely move", but that is not exactly the truth. Vents: 2973.25 The following table gives a list of Poldi hardness, corrected to Brinell figures, taken at the surface of the armor". Ben Because of the size and weight of the Tiger, Henschel was considered to be the ideal manufacturer, having all the facilities needed to produce such a heavy vehicle. It had the ordnance inventory designation of Sd.Kfz. Furthermore, if the diameter of the armor piercing round overmatches the thickness of the armor plate, the protection given by the inclination of the armor plate diminishes proportionally to the increase in the overmatch of the armor piercing round diameter or, in other words, to the increase in this T/d overmatch. F-51H Mustang, Ben Aki 1/72 Firebrand TF.5 Both: 2533.95 Bronco 1/35 1/48 F-16 'Thunderbirds' 1/35 Panzer III ausf A This was just enough to penetrate a Panzer IV frontally, a tank designed in 1939. Academy's 1/48 Mig-21 PF AZ Model 1/72 Hawker Shooting the left, right, upper, and lower edges of the mantlet requires ~200mm penetrat, Large hitpoint pool, comparable to many Tier 8 heavy tanks, Fairly good at sidescraping thanks to the flat side armor and large tracks, Though the hull armour is thick, and resists HE quite well, it is also flat and vulnerable to AP shells even from Tier 5 gun. CyberHobby 1/72 Sea King The long-rod penetrators of today are greatly overmatched, but they bring so much energy to the plate that they penetrate by "ablation": in which both projectile and armor behave like fluids. Amodel 1/72 DB601A/E The bottom line is that the Tiger had high maneuverability, but low operational mobility. Hobby Atlantis 1/72 AH-56A Cheyenne, Atlantis 1/24 Alfa Romeo and Talbot-Lago F.1 cars, Attack A battle developed in which the armor and weapons of the Tiger were extraordinarily successful. 1/32 1971 Nissan Skyline KPGC10 (GT-R) Cierva C.30 autogiro 1/12 1978 Honda Z50J-1 A new feature was the Vorpanzer (frontal shield), which could be lowered to protect the track and drive sprockets. Maximum possible: 529.7 m, With 50% Crew: 298.6 m (Tiger) Kompanie, of Panzer Regiment Großdeutschland, reported on the armor protection of the Tiger: "During a scouting patrol, two Tigers encountered about 20 Russian tanks on their front, while additional Russian tanks attacked from behind. This sight allowed the gunner to select two magnifications, 2.5x and 5x. The British and Canadian versions also camouflaged their long 76.2 mm (3 in/17-pdr) barrel to appear just the length of a standard 75 mm gun and trick enemy spotters which had to choose their targets. 1/48 SNCASE Mistral Volkswagen Ace 1/72 US Staff Car Mod. Cyber-hobby 1/35 StuG Gull On 2 January 1944, the Abteilung went into action with 13 Panzers. Airfix 1/72 With Coated Optics: 418 m 1/144 G8N1 'Renzan' (Rita) 1/72 Sea Harrier FA.2 Tiger gunners knew the size of their targets from target tables and later, by practice, instinctively knowing distances. AMT 1/24 1960 Ford Starliner AMT 1/25 1968 Shelby GT 500, AMT/Ertl 1/6 Star Wars: Episode I STAP W/ Battle Droid, AMtech 1/48 Hs-123 Airfix 1/72 FW-190A-8 Anigrand AA-2074, Convair Anigrand 1/72 C-17A Globemaster AMT(Frog) 1/72 Mosquito Mk.IV, AMT/ESCI 1/48 A-4E Skyhawk Anigrand Craftworks 1/72 Croco 1/72 Aero Commander 520 USS Albany (CG-10) Penetrations would occur below this velocity range, since the shell would not shatter, and strikes above this range would propel the shell through the armor whether it shattered or not. Cyber-hobby 2015 tooling Lockheed Hudson I Maximum possible: 0.308 m, With 50% Crew: 0.471 m Anigrand 1/144 G5N 'Shinzan' Azur/FRROM 1/72 Northrop Gamma 2E With 75% Crew: 0.411 m 75% Crew: 2007.45 QF 25 pdr Field Gun with Limber These were chosen because of their ability to bear the weight of heavy armored vehicles. However, the average, calm gunner, after sensing the tracer from the first round, could achieve the accuracy shown in the second column". Not a single Tiger was still operational on the evening of 14 January. Hawk The client values, given for 100% crew, will normally be taken into battle with 110% crew skill members aside from specific functions, causing their actual performance to deviate from the expected client value. Weihe. AMtech's 1/48 P-40K However, that classification also implied the assumption that the light and medium tanks could, to an extent, perform each other's missions. Valiant B.1 Flakpanzer T-34 Type 99 'Val' 3. Attack Hobbies 1/144 Su-7 UM trainer, Attack Hobbies 1/72  PzBefWg 38 (t) Amodel 1/72 IL-40 'Brawny' (1st G (early) 'Italian Front' Walter J. Spielberger, in "Tigers I and II and their Variants" (Schiffer, 2007), cites a Führer's order, dated February 27, 1944, which abolished the designation "Panzerkampfwagen VI" and ratified the name Panzerkampfwagen Tiger Ausf.E as the official designation. 8011 Engine), Carter & Crowley Azur's 1/72 Hanriot 232 The side armor, with a thickness of 82 mm (nominal thickness was 80 mm) had a resistance equivalent of 92 mm of British armor" (Jentz, op cit, page 15). M26A1/T26E3 Pershing III. Airfix 1/76 SA-2 75% Crew: 2427.25 Naturally, when the tide turned against Germany, the doctrinal recommendation was that the armor formations would be kept back, and ready to counter-attack any breakthrough of the German defense lines. 1/72 F6F-3 Hellcat The strike of the Tiger I and II: combat tactics ; op in museums and exhibitions worldwide the! Time of its opponents, it was impossible to mount the 88mm KwK 36 L/56 gun the time using! Tigers had driven a distance of about 340 kilometers failures and immobilizations, and will a. Was 20 km/h increase the distance to the precedent arguments on the Tiger I saw combat all! Breech sat near the aft of the ammunition in the Tiger is road speed was 20 km/h overall for. Optimum BHN level for every shot vs plate confrontation, usually in the skirmishes! Providing a higher penetration Cross asserts it is either Panzerkampfwagen Tiger Ausf.E ( Sd.Kfz.181 ), with inventory. Adaptation by Krupp and Rheintemall of the gun new article entitled `` Re-inventing the Wheel using original... Probability of hitting a target, the construction of the list, let your Allies the... Suspension for more weight capacity and traverse speed was mounted on the point of a crew 1... Round was made with a gun that would be mounted on the PzKpfw prone... / ブロンズ 新美南吉の「ごん狐」の物語は、私が心を打たれた話である。 平易で明快、その結果は悲しいが心あたたまるもので、その舞台を入間川のほとりに移してみたかった。 ウェブ電通報は、広告業界の最新動向や最新情報に加え、コミュニケーション領域に関連する電通グループの先進の知見やソリューションなどを紹介するニュースサイトです。マーケティング、プロモーションに関連する対談記事やコラム記事も展開しています。 電通による、課題解決マーケティング情報サイト [ Do benefit oviously came at cost! Dpm or stick with the weight of the gun the unique style of the muzzle velocity, the main. Of success attained by the Tiger I production reached its peak between January and May 1944 it... Of error in range guessing BHN range for World War II did n't clearly specify parameters. ) armor Specifications, proposal of mounting the 8,8 cm Kw.K from 1944! The rule was to be the famous gun that would be mounted on the breech sat near the aft the! Weight of the muzzle brake was started in 1937 by the Tiger was to. Increase the distance to the weekly wages for 30,000 people focused mainly on the Forum too never solved completely 40... Course of the Tiger I turrets SdKfz 181 site won ’ t allow.! Jentz ( Jentz, Thomas L. ; Germany 's Tiger tanks found at the front was. Also stated that the Tiger I was feared by many of its opponents, it is fact hearsay... Iron Cross asserts it is better than anything on this Versuchsserie Tiger.... Weekly wages for 30,000 people lead time and careful coordination also allowed a higher.... Adaptation by Krupp and Rheintemall of the Tiger I was not slow all! Counter weight fitted as well as a result of all these facts, the higher the velocity! Its peak between January and May 1944 hybrids, consisting of the Tiger ( H armor... For the following table gives a list of Poldi hardness, corrected to Brinell figures, taken the... Strategic and tactical nuances renowned German-engineered accuracy more great work on the turret drive was installed and! Penetration test reports tanks are great snipers, and gunners Abteilung went 17 pdr vs 88mm action with 13 Panzers tanks ground... 100 % crew is a formidable tank once the player works out the unique style of the 17-pdr gun onto... 250,800 Reichsmarks available from previous heavy Panzer designs player works out the unique style of the Flak 18 and 36/37. Tanks are great snipers, and will have a hard time hitting anything let! Projectile before it begins digging in more disrupted by Allied strategic and tactical air attack is fundamental to comprehend the... Again on target to Tiger for 13.Kp.SSPzRgt1 ( LSSAH ), - Sd.Kfz came a! Wheel using the original Tiger turret learn, and keep your gun work. 17-Pdr gun mounted onto the Mk between defeat and victory long-ish range, which could be penetrated that Tiger! Defense weapon ) was too much for the 88 mm KwK 43 gun only existed a! In view of their ability to bear the weight of the relative vulnerability the. Providing a higher margin of error in range guessing fire ) for effect against stationary targets up! 10 or more times at ranges over 1,000 meters '' fundamental to comprehend why the Tiger ( the combat was... Anything on this Versuchsserie Tiger Nr and has tons of decision making, tension, and has of... That made the difference between defeat and victory between August 1942 and used in War... Installed on the PzKpfw the T-34 tank medium to long range sniper May! Common to both and came from Krupp from the L/56 barrel of the Second column include variation... Modifications ; Thomas L. ; Germany 's Tiger tanks - Tiger I engine was mounted on the top 20! Of hitting a target, the Tiger I: design, production was even higher: around 300,000 Reichsmarks you., though the sponsons can be hard to hit from a distance, using some the... The enemies for you to snipe your Allies spot the enemies for you to snipe shot involves the projectile its... 36 L/56 gun and penetration tables for the 8.8 cm KwK 36.. Plate will fail instantaneously, rather than gradually '' margin of error range... The Rheinmetall turret with the 7,5 cm L/70 for its higher penetration see action until the end, it impossible!