Gloria Forouzan 'Notable Women of Pittsburgh'


Gloria Forouzan 'Notable Women of Pittsburgh'


Gloria Forouzan is a retired office manager for the Mayor’s Office of Pittsburgh, last working with William Peduto. Since 2016, Gloria independently conducted newspaper research on "notable, yet unknown, women of Pittsburgh" history. In January of 2020, Gloria contacted the Pittsburgh Queer History Project in hopes of creating a home for a selection of her research findings, now available as the Gloria Forouzan ‘Notable Women of Pittsburgh Research’ Collection.
Gloria’s research includes mention of the following individuals:
Dr. Emma Farrar -- Pittsburgh-based Physicians and graduates of the Women’s Medical College of Pennsylvania.
Dr. Edla Sperry -- Pittsburgh-based Physicians and graduates of the Women’s Medical College of Pennsylvania.
Pauli Murray -- Nationally recognized Civil Rights and Women’s Movement Thinker. See also Simon D. Elin Fisher’s article “Pauli Murray’s Peter Panic” on Murray’s work as ‘trans-of-color’ critique, published in Transgender Studies Quartelry 3 (1-2) p. 95-103.
Edna Schoyer and Anne Richardson -- Pittsburgh-based Suffragists.
Janet DeCoux -- Pittsburgh-based Sculptor.
Eliza Miller -- Pittsburgh-based Sculptor.

As always, the PQHP would like to highlight other research projects focused on Women's Movement History and Lesbian Herstory.
For complementary research on lesbian space and women's space in Pittsburgh, please also visit the InSisterhood Project documenting the women's movement in Pittsburgh through oral interviews, as well as Lost Womyn's Space project by Jan Kurth, and Amplify by Sue Kerr of Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondent.
This collection is an Adjacent Collection. An Adjacent Collection is a digital reproduction of material, submitted by an independent researcher, for whom the PQHP is providing a public facing platform. We hope that this adjacent collection helps to raise the profile of overlapping researchers and collections of local history within and beyond the PQHP. If you are also interested in hosting your research through the PQHP, please contact us for further information.


Gloria Forouzan


January 2020


Gloria Forouzan


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These materials were submitted by Gloria Forouzan in January 2020.

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