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One More Time Ball Collection

The One More Time Ball was a drag ball put together by Connie Dorsett, Harrison Apple, and Laura Grantmyre to bring back together a network of elder…

Contributors: Harrison Apple (event organizer)
Connie Dorsett (oral history participant, event organizer)
Tonette Johnston (oral history participant, event organizer)
Laura Grantmyre (event organizer)
Shantell Cummings (performer)
Kierra Darshell (host, performer)
JoJo Gilbert (oral history participant, performer)
Dani Lamorte (performer)
Milan Tre'Zur (performer)
Alexis Icon (DJ)
Suzie Silver (documentation)
Reese Adams-Romagnoli (documentation)
Katie O'Connor (documentation)
Alex Walker (documentation) and Violets at Metropole_4.jpg

Dame Fefe Damiana D'Opulence Collection

The Dame Fefe Damiana D'Opulence collection contains digital copies of photographs and VHS tapes, collected by Fefe, that document her career as a…

Contributors: Dame Fefe Damiana D'Opulence (donor)

last mix donald #1.jpg

Brian Czarniecki, Donald Sheffey, Larry Seaman Music Collection

These 12 mixtapes were made by DJs Donald Sheffey and Larry Seaman respectively during their time at Zack’s Fourth Avenue in Downtown Pittsburgh.…

Contributors: Brian Czarniecki (donor)


Scott Noxon Collection

The Scott Noxon Collection contains material from the bars and nightclubs owned and operated by Scott Noxon, his business associates, and employees…

Contributors: Scott Noxon (donor)

Vanna (aka Michael Obusek) Collection

Michael “Vanna” Obusek (b. July 10, 1966) is former staff of the Travelers Social Club and the Pegasus nightclub where he worked both on and off stage…

Contributors: Michael Obusek (Vanna)

Chuck Tierney Collection

The collection contains photographs, publications, and ephemera produced broadly for the LGBT population of Pittsburgh from the 1980s to the 1990s…

Contributors: Chuck Tierney


Larritta Not So Young Collection

The Larritta Not So Young Collection contains videos - in the form of DVDs and digital surrogates - which document performances at Pegasus nightclub…

Contributors: Larritta Not So Young (donor) 48.tiff.png

Harriet Stein Collection

This collection contains digital and physical ephemera documenting the Pittsburgh punk music scene, as collected by Harriet Stein. The collection…

Contributors: Harriet Stein