Newspaper Feature on the Cardboards


Newspaper Feature on the Cardboards


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Newspaper feature on Pittsburgh punk group The Cardboards by Brian A.C. Kelly. Newspaper source unknown. "In the future. The. Cardboards., If you have seen this poster then you may wonder who they are and what they are about. The Cardboards are a new Pittsburgh group whose genre lies somewhere among punk avant-garde jazz, and Berlin Cabaret of the Twenties. The Cardboards began in Pittsburgh's underground music scene in the winter of 1979. The band's members came together as a result of their common discontent with what they saw as a lack of original music being created in this city. They began playing at private parties and have since played such venues as Phase III, Oakland's Decade, C-MU campus, and the Lion Walk in Oakland' and Northside's Mattress Factory. Max Haste is the band's lead singer. His stage presence is nearly schizophrenic, first calm,and charming, next raving and hysterical . .. His lyrics are clever and clear. Ron Solo plays the three synthesizers. His spacey melodies may be the music trend of the future. Keith Teeth createS the hooks with his catchy saxophone riffs and he says, "I like a few select jazz players. Post Omette Coleman, Steven Lace, and Rosco Mitchell." He also cites influences as XTC, Wire, and the Contortions. Bill Bored, percussionist of P,uke fame, provides the backbeat and the recently added Miss Shapen occasionally sings backup vocals. "I like a band that has a sense of humor, the Germs and Black Randy, for example," Bored explained. "I met Keith at C-MU and Bill and I are writers for the New Magazine," a Pittsburgh punk rock fanzine. "We had been following new music so we tiecided to try something new urselves," Haste said. When asked what his influences were e said," I like to play Dizzy Gillespie ecords at high speeds. That's what makes me happy." Bill Bored joined the Cardboards when, "Keith and Max realized they wanted someone to develop with them, not an ex-drummer from a symphony orchestra," Haste said. The Cardboards best feature is their bilit)' to create stylistically original p"


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