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This online repository showcases items from the ever-growing archive of the Pittsburgh Queer History Project. 

The PQHP is an oral history and media archive, focusing on LGBT nightlife in Pittsburgh, PA from 1960 to 1990. Founded by Harrison Apple in 2012, the project began as an investigation of gay-owned-and-operated after-hours nightclubs.

As the project's scope has expanded, its archive has grown to include photographs, videos, documents, oral history interviews, and ephemera.

Although many of these items are related to the project's primary focus - gay and lesbian social clubs of the late 20th century - other items in the archive speak to the existence of local press, music, art, politics, and economics. 

We encourage visitors to browse our current collections. If you see information which appears to be incorrect, or if you believe we are missing information for an item, do not hesitate to submit a correction. If you have materials you would like to contribute to our archive, or if you would like to be interviewed for the Project, please see our contributions page.

For general inquiries or comments, please e-mail Dani Stuchel: dani.stuchel@gmail.com.