Pittsburgh Tavern Guild 1986 Calendar


Pittsburgh Tavern Guild 1986 Calendar


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Pittsburgh's Best Kept Secrets calendar 1986-- Includes photographs and contact info for each month-- January Norreh-- February Pegasus Lounge-- March Tender Trap-- April Jackson's Restaurant-- May Zack's Fourth Avenue-- June Crossover-- July Players 430-- August Pittsburgh Trucking Company-- September The Brewery-- October Holiday Bar-- November Travelers Club and Tilden II Disco-- December Happy Holidays from the Pittsburgh Tavern Guild Member {includes list with all previous bars)-- Final page has a community resource guide similar to those found in Out (bars/clubs-- baths-- books (feminist)-- churches-- community centers-- cousneling-- health-- organizations-- publications-- restaurants) and a visitors guides (accomodations by neighborhood)-- Information, includes gay hotline-- sightseeing-- transportation). Back cover "a few reasons why Pittsburgh is MOST liveable" with advertisements for W.S. Vending Company-- New York New York inc.-- Pitt Men's Study-- Out).


Chuck Tierney


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