Join us for upcoming MS89 Community Archives Screenings!

*This event contains sexually explicit content, listener discretion is advised*

Free tickets to this event wont last! www.tinyulr.com/normtapes

Join us on Friday July 14th at Contemporary Craft @sccpgh. Being played for the first time, the Norm Tape Collection is an autobiographical erotic audio project documenting discreet anonymous sex between men in Pennsylvania and New York through the 1980s. Join us for this special one-time only listening session cohosted by artist Clint Fisher @bearfag & Harrison Apple @woolspanx from the Pittsburgh Queer History Project as part of the MS89 series, with a special appearance from @cleanertapes In a departure from our usual format, Clint and the PQHP will share these tapes and guide us to listen to them as one of many examples of non-visual and anonymized personal multimedia archives and artworks.

Calling all OG Pgh Leather folks, for an open reunion sponsored by the MS89 series!
MS 89 returns to the Warhol Theater on Thursday June 29th at 6pm with a screening of Ms Pittsburgh Leather 1997.
Featuring an appearance by the contest winner herself, Tammy Resnick. 25 years since her year of service to community and kink, the PQHP are sharing one of many local leather stories.
Come early to join old friends at the bar in the Warhol before we hit the lights and sink in for a treasure from the collection of the Pittsburgh Eagle. All are invited after the show to PTown bar for a special surprise ceremony supported the Three Rivers Leather Club.

The MS 89 series is a live & in-person only nightclub archives screening event that pays community members to host screenings and discussions of tapes that they had a hand in creating. Pushing back against the tendency to consume archives, MS 89 packs together to watch and rewatch as a ritual in creating new intergenerational friendships via our shared desire for a shared past.

This event is made possible by a generous gift from the Dietrich Humanities Scholars Program, the Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry, and The Warhol.


MS89 with LaDonna LaMoore – Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry

Cold Hearted Snake with Jazmine Buttefly – Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry

Gay Cable Network with Zed Armstrong and Michel Ferruci – Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry

Miss Fifteen Minutes of Fame with Jezebel Bebbington D’Opulence – Warhol Museum


The Pittsburgh Queer History Project (PQHP)  is an oral history and media initiative, focusing on LGBTQ after-hours nightlife in Pittsburgh, PA from 1960 to 1990. Founded by Harrison Apple in 2012, the project began as an investigation of gay-owned-and-operated after-hours nightclubs where fraternal organization charters acted as semi-legal shelters for sex and social membership. These emergent communities contributed to a broader and self-aware gay and lesbian political community of mutual aid, combatting police harassment and the AIDS epidemic while facing the swift economic decline of Pittsburgh. In the years following heavy outmigration from steel cities like Pittsburgh, these histories have become more difficult to document and pass on.

The PQHP’s mission is to develop robust record of these communities through a combination of community centered events and home preservation education.  Co-Directed by Harrison Apple and Tim Haggerty at Carnegie Mellon University, the Project secured funding for exhibitions and public events beginning with “Lucky After Dark.” Mounted in 2014 at the Future Tenant Gallery in Downtown Pittsburgh, “Lucky After Dark” drew over a thousand visitors  to see evidence of their own history in formation. Since then, the PQHP has developed more academic and popular publications, events, as well as select archival collections online.