Welcome Back!

Welcome to the the new Pittsburgh Queer History Project Online Catalog!

Here you’ll find posts about new research, acquisitions, and collaborations.

To get us started on our new platform, we’ve reposted videos from “Lucky After Dark” featuring videos from Travelers, Zack’s 4th Avenue, Pegasus,  and PCTV21’s Pittsburgh Gay Cable Network.


Pittsburgh Foundation Promotional Video

Lucky After Dark: A Very Special Birthday

Lucky After Dark: Memorial Day Picnic 1983

Lucky After Dark: Highlites and Lowlites/Lambda Awards

Lucky After Dark: Hotter Than Hell/Woman of the Year

Lucky After Dark: Starlets Past and Present, A Video Vault Screening

Pittsburgh Gay Cable Network Reel: A collaboration with the original PCTV 21 Producer

Lucky After Dark: Frankie Kizzie Croons at Pegasus 1984

Lucky After Dark: Last Call, GLCC Dyke High and the Dyketones