Miss House of Tilden 1996

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Miss House of Tilden 1996


This tape contains footage of the 1996 Miss House of Tilden pageant, held at 941 Liberty. Writing on the tape suggests it was the first Miss House of Tilden pageant at this location. The pageant was co-hosted by Vanna and Sterling. The pageant was judged by Fritz and Michael of the Rusty Rail in McKees Rocks, Frankie Kizzie, Keith Cole (husband of Bambi), George (manager of Pegasus), and Charles Night (singer). Scores were tallied by Bambi and Paul, Vanna’s lover. DJ Billy Sandor, Steve (doorman), and Joey (bartender) also worked the event.

Contestants included:
Tasha Khan
Kourtney Brown D’Opulence
Dame Fefe Damiana D’Opulence.

Guest performers included Scarlett D’Opulence, Patty O’Fernicher (Miss Three Rivers 1996) Vanna, Al Portosky (Big Al), and Jackay,

Noted guests include Blu and Milan Tre’Zur.

Other named performers include: Jezebel Bebbington D’Opulence, Patty O’Fernicher, Tamara Knight, Didi Love, Tamika Lachez (Miss Pittsburgh Plus 1995).

The pageant had four rounds of competition: presentation (starting 00:01:37), talent (starting 00:20:56), evening gown, and question & answer (the last two are combined, starting 01:02:30). Coronation begins at 01:41:00.

The following songs are performed:
(If a performers name is unclear from the footage, it has been left blank. If you are able to provide information about performers who have not been listed, please contact the PQHP).

“If I Could Turn Back Time” by Cher, performed by Sterling (Miss Pegasus 1996) - 00:10:27
“Midnight with Madeline” by Dolores Grey from It’s Always Fair Weather, performed by Patty O’Fernicher D’Opulence - 00:14:42
“Swept Away” by Diana Ross, performed by Tasha Khan - 00:20:56
“I Wanna Dance with Somebody” by Whitney Houston, performed by Kourtney Brown D’Opulence - 00:25:40
“I Want You” by Jody Watley, performed by Armageddon - 00:31:31
“Material Girl” by Madonna, performed by Barbie Doll - 00:36:30
“River Deep, Mountain High” by Celine Dion, performed by Dame Fefe Damiana D’Opulence - 00:42:06
“A Dream Worth Keeping” by Sheena Easton, performed by Jackay - 00:47:10
“My Life” by Shirley Bassey, performed by Al Portosky (Big Al) - 00:51:40
“It’s All Coming Back to Me Now” by Celine Dion, performed by Vanna - 01:25:40
“Declaration of Love” by Celine Dion, performed by Jackay - 01:34:12

Kourtney Brown is named 2nd runner up, Armageddon is 1st runner up. Dame Fefe Damiana D’Opulence is named Miss House of Tilden 1996. The show closes as Amber’s “Color of Love” plays in the background.


October 13, 1996


Dame Fefe Damiana D'Opulence (donor)


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House of Tilden (941 Liberty)


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