Miss Three Rivers 1996 and Miss Pegasus 1996


Miss Three Rivers 1996 and Miss Pegasus 1996


This video contains footage from the 3rd Annual Miss Three Rivers Pageant in 1996 as well as the 1996 Miss Pegasus Pageant, both of which took place at Pegasus Lounge in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. The tape begins with a complete edited video of the Miss Three Rivers Pageant shooting from towards the middle of the stage, and then transitions another batch of footage from a second camera shot from the right side of the stage (02:21:40). The secondary footage is less complete in its documentation. The tape begins to show footage from the 1996 Miss Pegasus Pageant at 03:07:19. This tapes footage of Miss Pegasus 1996 is significantly damaged, however a cleaner copy is available from the Vanna aka Michael Obusek Collection.

The Miss Three Rivers pageant featured 7 contestants (Kourtney Brown D’Opulence, Donna, Patty O’Fernicher D’Opulence – Miss Three Rivers 1996, Miss Behave aka Nikki Danielle, Blue – 1st Runner Up, Delisha Sundae D’Opulence, and Sterling – 2nd Runner Up) as well as several guest performers. The tape begins immediately with presentation (00:00:00), followed by introduction of judges (00:36:30), Talent Competition(00:40:25), Evening Gown Presentation and Q&A (01:43:59), and finally Coronation (02:19:37).

The footage of Miss Pegasus 1996 begins with an empty stage, prelude music, and small talk between the camera operator and nearby people (03:07:19) about camera stability, light, and being afraid of falling off the ledge they’re positioned on). The pageant features 4 contestants (Tamara Knight, Linda Lacey – 1st Runner Up, Sterling – Miss Pegasus 1996, and Delisha Sundae D’Opulence) and is hosted by Vanna D’Opulence. The footage captures an all contestant introductory number, led by the reigning Miss Pegasus Fefe Damiana D’Opulence (03:11:17), followed by Presentation (03:15:39), Introduction of Judges (03:28:48), Talent (03:30:28), Evening Gown Presentation and Q&A (04:04:57), a farewell speech by Fefe D’Opulence (04:43:07), and Coronation (04:47:50). The tape closes with club manager Vince Lewandowski announcing that scare cards are available for review as per usual in his office throughout the night.

The following performers names are noted in the footage:
-Miss Three Rivers 1996
Kourtney Brown D’Opulence
Tasha Khan
Milan Tre’Zur (note: Miss Three Rivers 1994)
Kierra Darshell (note: Miss Three Rivers 1995)
Patty O’Fernicher D’Opulence
Miss Behave (aka Nikki Danielle)
Tamika Lachez
Delisha Sundae D’Opulence
Scarlett D’Opulence
Fefe D’Opulence
Vanna (host)
Jezebel D’Opulence (Judge)
Alan Hobaz (Judge)
Donald (Judge)
Steve Cole (Judge)
Ms Pittsburgh Leather Kathy Lewis (Judge)
Stephanie (Judge)
Frankie Kizzie
Laritta Not So Young
Patty DiMario
Toffee English

-Miss Pegasus 1996
Fefe D’Opulence
Tamara Knight
Linda Lacey
Delisha Sundae D’Opulence
Vanna D’Opulence
Scarlett D’Opulence
Markie (Judge)
Angela Rae DiRenna (Judge)
Tonia Huckley (Judge)
Brett (Judge)
Milan Tre’Zur (Judge)
Bambi (Judge)
Kierra Darshell
Tasha Khan
Eva Destruction
Vince Lewandowski (manager)

The following songs are performed:
(If a performers name is unclear from the footage, it has been left blank. If you are able to provide information about performers who have not been listed, please contact the PQHP).
-Miss Three Rivers 1996
Mix “And I Am Telling You” Jennifer Holiday, “Why Does It Hurt So Bad” Whitney Houston, Kierra Darshell, 00:15:50
Mix “Talking In His Sleep,” “Unbreak My Heart,” “You’re Making Me High” Toni Braxton, Milan Tre’Zur, 00:26:24
“The Greatest Medley Ever Told” Whoopie Goldberg, Kourtney Brown D’Opulence, 00:40:25
“Let’s Make Love” and “Kiss of the Spiderwoman” from Kiss of the Spiderwoman, Donna, 00:46:15
“Neutron Dance” Pointer Sisters, Patty O’Fernicher, 00:54:05
“The Music and the Mirror” A Chorus Line, Miss Behave (Nikki Danielle), 01:00:19
“It Don’t Mean a Thing” Ella Fitzgerald, Blue, 01:04:57
Mix “Aquarius” The 5th Dimension, “Set U Free” Planet Soul, Delisha Sundae D’Opulence, 01:11:22
“Eaten Alive” Diana Ross, Sterling, 01:18:53
Mix “Spanish Rose” Chita Rivera, “Medley” Gloria Estefan, Jezebel D’Opulence 01:25:09
“Last Dance” Donna Summer, Kierra Darshell, 01:31:40
“Unbreak My Heart” Toni Braxton, Toffee English, 01:38:35
“I’m Every Woman” Chaka Khan, Vanna D’Opulence, Kierra Darshell, Milan Tre’zur, 02:16:15

-Miss Pegasus 1996
“I’m Beautiful Damnit” Uncanny Alliancce, Fefe D’Opulence and All Contestants, 03:11:17
“You’ll See” Madonna, Vanna D’Opulence, 03:20:20
“100% Pure Love” Crystal Waters, Scarlett D’Opulence, 03:25:40
“Be My Lover” La Bouche, Tamara Knight, 03:30:28
Mix “Your House” and “You Oughtta Know” Alanis Morissette, Linda Lacey, 03:35:18
“Disco Inferno” Tina Turner, Sterling, 03:42:50
Mix “What do we get for 10 Dollars” from Full Metal Jacket film, “Do you want me?” Jody Watley, “I like Big Butts” Sir Mixalot, Delisha Sundae D’Opulence, 03:48:17
“I Will Survive (1993 Remix)” Gloria Gaynor, Kierra Darshell, 03:52:37
Mix, Annie Lennox Unidentified Club Mix, “Cherish” Madonna, Fefe D’Opulence, 03:58:49
“Found My Way” Shirley Murdock, Tasha Khan, 04:18:12
“Thief of Hearts” Madonna, Eva Destruction, 04:23:50
Mix “I Want Candy” Bow Wow Wow, “Mud Will Be Flung Tonight” Bette Midler, “Fat as I Am” Bette Midler, “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” Cyndi Lauper, Fefe D’Opulence, 04:31:17


March 26, 1996
August 28, 1996


Dame Fefe Damiana D'Opulence


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